DOG BLANKET against Ticks, Fleas and Mites

Artikelnr.: HE1VP4060

• Protection against ticks, mites & head lice
• Optimal protection up to 100 washes
• breathable
• odourless
• washable up to 40°
40% viskose / 60% polyester

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Incl. 19% Tax, excl. Shipping Cost

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PERMETEX® Dog Blanket

Product Details

The PERMETEX Dog Blanket for home and on the go –  in the dog's basket, on the sofa, in the car or simply sitting together in the meadow. The Permetex - Dog blanket is available in S (45x65cm), M (60x60cm) and L (100x120cm) sizes. The natural fibre content makes the dog blanket cuddly and soft. The fabric is hard-wearing thanks to the synthetic fibre and dries in no time. An ideal combination. The protection function is invisible and odourless. The material is equipped with permethrin (0.85% w/w). WARNING: NOT suitable for cats. Cats lack an important enzyme to degrade permethrin. Find all information on application and maintenance in the FAQ section. 

Do you require another size for the blanket, e.g. for a customized dog basket or a particular dog? We make our products according to your preferences and wishes.