First Aid for Bed Bugs

How do I recognize bed bugs?

  The appearance of the bed bugs differs in the 5 different stages of development.

  Adult animals (1-9mm) can be seen with the naked eye.

Entwicklungsstadien der Bettwanzen

  The whitish larvae and nymph stages are more difficult to recognise because they are not similar to adult bed bugs.

  If the hole at the upper end of the larva is open, the bed bug has already hatched.

  Pay attention also to abandoned shells of the bed bugs.

  Bed bugs leave excrements of coagulated blood.

  Therefore, pay attention to small black or brown dots, which are usually circular with a diameter of 1mm.

  If these dots can be blurred or wiped off with a damp cloth, they are traces of bed bugs.

Where do I look for bed bugs or bed bug tracks?

Bed bugs...
  like to be near the host
  do not like soft surfaces
  avoid completely smooth surfaces (e.g. clothes rails), because they cannot climb on them
  are everywhere, where it is quite dark and where hard surfaces meet, into which the bed bugs can squeeze in and hide themselves

Traces of bugs can be found...
  directly at the seam of the mattress
  on the bedstead
  on the slatted frame
  in all cracks and joints in the vicinity

Bed bugs are hiding...
  in the joints and cracks of the bed frame
  in alarm clock / radio alarm clock
  behind the telephone and the electrical contacts
  on drawer and night cupboards
furniture bolted into the cracks
  behind pictures on the wall
in dowel holes
in skirting boards or sockets
  in door and window frames
  in case of very heavy infestation also at seams and folds of the mattress or covers
  all over the place!!!

How can I protect yourself from bed bugs when travelling?

  Use PERMETEX® Products (Travel Sheet, Sleeping Bag, Luggage Protection or Clothes Bag) for preventive protection against bed bugs..

  Always store your luggage high (e.g. on the luggage rack) and as far away from the bed as possible.

  Hang your clothes on a hanger in the closet.

What should I do if my luggage is infested with bed bugs?

  Leave your luggage in front of the apartment or front door.

  From there, put it in your bathtub or shower basin.

  Depending on the length of the path, pack the luggage in large garbage bags and close them carefully before transporting it to the bathroom.

  Put the clothes you wear (including shoes, jacket, etc.) in the bathtub as well.

  Inspect your body if necessary (but bed bugs usually do not stay on the human body for long periods of time).

  Sort the contents of your baggage and the used clothing etc. completely in garbage bags and close them carefully.

  When sorting, make sure that the contents are separated into washable and non-washable.

  Carefully examine sharp-edged utensils (e.g. wash bag, shower set, laptop, mobile phone) for bed bugs or bed bug marks. Even if you discover nothing, keep the utensils in a plastic bag for the time being. Close it carefully and continue to observe the plastic bag.

  Wash all washable items at 60°C in the washing machine or dry at 45°C for half an hour in the tumble dryer.

  When removing linen from the garbage bag, make sure that no bed bugs fall out.

  Now put the empty luggage (suitcase, travel bag or backpack) into a large garbage bag and close it carefully. Store in a dry, warm place for 4 months.

  If you have a large freezer, you can freeze smaller things at -18°C for half a day.

  Make sure you freeze large quantities/pieces for several days, as the bed bugs will adjust their temperature if the cold does not reach them quickly enough.
  Contact a pest control specialist for further advice.

This list has been compiled with the kind support of MIB Schädlingsbekämpfung.