Permetex - Clothes Bag
Moth away –
durable protection
for your clothes

odourless | breatheable | low-maintenance | hard-wearing | permanently reusable

CLOTHES BAG with Insect Protection

Artikelnr.: KK1BP5050

50% cotton / 50% polyester
Head Louse

Keep your favourite pieces safe. The PERMETEX - CLOTHES BAG is the most effective way to protect your clothing from moth infestation. When travelling, it also serves as a protection against bedbugs.

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Incl. 19% Tax, excl. Shipping Cost

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The protection function is invisible and odourless

High-quality processing of material from EU

Permetex is tested and certified

Maximum efficacy with low active ingredient concentration

No pre- and post-treatment is necessary


Never impregnate again –  the PERMETEX - CLOTHES BAG is unique in protection and effect. 

The product

with Insect Protection

The convenient PERMETEX - CLOTHES BAG is easy to fold. The long front zip allows for quick packing and unpacking. For a secure all-round protection of your clothes, it has a closure tape on the strap and is equipped with a high-quality auto-lock zip. When you label the attached tag, you avoid unnecessary opening and increase safety. WARNING: Protection against moths only exists if the clothing to be protected has been cleaned before use. The protection function is invisible and odourless. The material is equipped with permethrin (0.9% w/w). Find all information on application and maintenance in the FAQ section. 

Do you need the PERMETEX - CLOTHES BAG in a different size, e.g. for a long coat or a wedding dress? We make our products according to your preferences and wishes.


Protection from ticks, bedbugs, moths, head lice, mites, fleas, ants, flies, mosquitoes

Protection & Impact

Long lasting, odourless, invisible

Handmade in

PERMETEX® produces locally in Germany. All materials come exclusively from the EU


PERMETEX® produces in accordance with qualitative and ethical criteria of fair trade

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