OUTDOOR BLANKET against Ticks and Mosquitos

Artikelnr.: PD1VP4060

• Protection against Ticks & Mosquitos
• Optimal protection up to 100 washes
• breathable
• odourless
• washable up to 40°C

40% viskose / 60% polyester

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PERMETEX® Outdoor Blanket

Product Details

Would you like to enjoy a tick-free picnic with your family or sit on the terrace with friends in the evening without being bitten by mosquitoes? Do you love to meditate undisturbed in nature?

Then the PERMETEX® Outdoor Blanket offers the perfect solution for you. It is an innovative all-purpose blanket and offers effective protection against ticks, ants and mosquitoes. It is ideal as a picnic blanket, as a travel blanket for on the road or as a base for yoga or outdoor meditation. Wraped around the blanket warms in cool evening hours and protects against mosquitoes at the same time. Use the cosy PERMETEX® Outdoor Blanket wherever you want to protect yourself reliably from insects.

With a size of 140cm x 180cm, the PERMETEX® Outdoor Blanket can comfortably accommodate two to three people. The viscose content makes the fleece blanket cuddly and soft. The polyester makes the fabric hard-wearing and quick-drying. The blanket can be used on both sides and weighs 760g.

The PERMETEX® protective function remains effective throughout the entire life of the products - optimum protection for up to 100 washes. No pre- or post-treatment is necessary.  The protection function is invisible and odourless. The material is equipped with permethrin (0.9% w/w). Attention: NOT suitable for use in environments with cats. Cats lack a necessary enzyme to break down permethrin, and may suffer serious harm from exposure.

Find all information on application and maintenance in the FAQ section

Do you need the PERMETEX® Outdoor Blanket in a different size? We make our products according to your preferences and wishes.