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Gamaschen gegen Zecken
Gaiters against Ticks
Permetex gaiters offer secure protection against ticks when hiking in the open or strolling in the park. Pull the gaiters over your shoes to the knee to protect yourself from tick bites. Size / Weight: M | 40x40cm | 95g (calf...
€59.00 €69.00
Kleideraufbewahrungsbox gegen Motten & Bettwanzen
Garment Storage-Box against Moths & Bed Bugs
With the PERMETEX® Garment Storage-Box you can safely protect your woollen sweaters, scarves, caps or other favourite pieces from moths. Ideal for storing winter clothing in summer. Size The garment sotrage-box is available in the size...
Permetex Kleidersack petrol gegen Motten & Bettwanzen
Garment Bag against Moths & Bed Bugs
Keep your favorites safe. The garment bag is the most effective way to protect your clothing from moth infestations. The moth-resistant garment bag protects wool coats, suits, silk blouses or your priceless wedding dress from moth-holes....
Hundedecke gegen Zecken, Milben & Flöhe
Dog Blanket against Ticks, Fleas & Mites
The Dog Blanket is the ideal supplement to common tick and flea protection products. Offer your dog an insect-free comfort zone with the PERMETEX ® dog blanket and protect yourself from insects that your dog brings home with him. Size...
From €49.00
Freizeitdecke gegen Zecken & Mücken
Leisure Blanket against Ticks & Mosquitos
Would you like to enjoy a tick-free picnic with your family or sit on the terrace with friends in the evening without being bitten by mosquitoes? Do you love to meditate undisturbed in nature? Then the Leisure Blanket offers the perfect...