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Kofferhschutzülle gegen Bettwanzen
Protective Luggage Cover against Bed Bugs
The Protective Luggage Cover offers secure all-round protection against bed bugs for suitcases or travel bags of all sizes. It completely encloses the luggage but can be opened easily at any time. The three-sided zipper makes it easy to...
From €89.00
Reiselaken gegen Bettwanzen, Milben & Flöhe
Travel Sheet against Bed Bugs, Mites & Fleas
The Travel Sheet provides effective protection against bed bugs or mites in hotels, hostels or other accommodation. You can also use it as a shelter from ticks during an outdoor picnic. Or you can wrap yourself in the sheet and keep away...
From €129.00
Permetex Schlafsack petrol gegen Betttwanzen, Milben, Flöhe
Sleeping Bag against Bed Bugs, Ticks & Mosquitos
The sleeping bag is an ideal companion where you want to protect yourself effectively from insects: pilgrimages or camping, hostels or hotels. You can use it as a cabin sleeping bag, a sleeping sheet, a summer sleeping bag or a sleeping...
Reisekissenbezug gegen Milben, Läuse & Flöhe
Travel Pillowcase against Mites, Lice & Fleas
The Travel Pillowcase is the ideal travel companion on an airplane, bus, train or in a car. Small and handy, it fits in any handbag. You can feel just as comfortable on the road as at home with the PERMETEX ® Travel Pillowcase. Size The...
2in1 Gepäckschutz gegen Bettwanzen
2in1 Luggage Protection against Bed Bugs
The 2in1 luggage protection offers secure protection against bed bugs in hotels and hostels for your luggage. When opened, it can be used as a base for your luggage or closed as a suitcase lining to protectyour clothing. Size The...
Gepäckschutz gegen Bettwanzen
Luggage Protection against Bed Bugs
The PERMETEX® Luggage Protection offers secure protection for your luggage in hotels and hostels. Simply put it under your suitcase or travel bag, and your luggage is protected from bed bugs. Size The luggage protection has a size of 150...
Bug Bag gegen Bettwanzen
Bug Bag against Bed Bugs
Our robust Bug Bag serves as all-round protection for backpacks against bed bugs. The outer material is water- and dirt-repellent, and the inner lining prevents bedbugs from penetrating. The zipper on the long side makes it easy to...