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Reiselaken gegen Bettwanzen, Milben & Flöhe
Travel Sheet against Bed Bugs, Mites & Fleas
The Travel Sheet provides effective protection against bed bugs or mites in hotels, hostels or other accommodation. You can also use it as a shelter from ticks during an outdoor picnic. Or you can wrap yourself in the sheet and keep away...
From €129.00
Permetex Schlafsack petrol gegen Betttwanzen, Milben, Flöhe
Sleeping Bag against Bed Bugs, Ticks & Mosquitos
The sleeping bag is an ideal companion where you want to protect yourself effectively from insects: pilgrimages or camping, hostels or hotels. You can use it as a cabin sleeping bag, a sleeping sheet, a summer sleeping bag or a sleeping...
Reisekissenbezug gegen Milben, Läuse & Flöhe
Travel Pillowcase against Mites, Lice & Fleas
The Travel Pillowcase is the ideal travel companion on an airplane, bus, train or in a car. Small and handy, it fits in any handbag. You can feel just as comfortable on the road as at home with the PERMETEX ® Travel Pillowcase. Size The...