Protection and Impact of PERMETEX® Products

PERMETEX® products provide effective protection against ticks, bed bugs, moths, ants, mites, fleas, head lice and mosquitoes, minimizing the risk of insect-borne diseases.

In contrast to other commercially available products, PERMETEX® guarantees safe and lasting protection against insects. The PERMETEX® protection function remains effective over the products’ entire life span - optimum protection for up to 100 washes. Pre-treatment or pre-treatment is not necessary.

Our articles are distinguished by a unique manufacturing process in Europe, in which the active ingredient permethrin is anchored in the fibres of the fabric in a co-polymer compound. Permethrin is the synthetic reproduction of a natural insect repellent. It is produced on the basis of the insect repellent protection of the chrysanthemum blossom. When insects come into contact with the active ingredient with their soles and probe tips, the insect triggers "hot feet" (Hot Feet Effect). In consequence, they avoid any further contact with the material.

The effectiveness and the effects on health and well-being are tested according to the standards of the World Health Organization and NATO, as well as various federal and institute institutes. The protection rate is over 95 per cent. 

Pursuant to Regulation 119/2014/EU, permethrin is an authorized biocidal active substance for use in biocidal products (insect control and wood preservatives). Read more about the active ingredient in our FAQ.

Permetex Permethrin Grafik