The PERMETEX® Technology

What do Swiss knives, the parka, the trench coat and the Internet have in common? They are all ingenious inventions that were once developed on behalf of the military before they entered the civilian world - including the insect repellent textiles, equipped with PERMETEX® technology.

The PERMETEX® techhnology stands for a special manufacturing process in which the insect repellent material permethrin is anchored inseparably into the fibre of the fabric in a co-polymer compound. 
A revolutionary innovation, as up until now commercial insect protection products could only be impregnated by spraying with insect repellent agents or alternatively soaked in them.

The unevenly applied protective function remained only superficial, the insecticide concentration was extremely high and the effectiveness in the fabric decreased after only a few washes. 

PERMETEX®, on the other hand, offers an extraordinary technology, which makes the impregnation of textiles completely unnecessary. Whether in your own household or on a journey - PERMETEX® combines this advanced innovation with high-quality materials for an improved quality of life. 

Optimal protection against insects - efficient, durable and safe!