TRAVEL SET S (Travel Sheet & Luggage Protection) against Bed Bugs, Mites & Fleas

Artikelnr.: BTP1BP5050

• Protection against bedbugs, mites & fleas
• Optimal protection up to 100 washes
• breathable
• odourless 
• washable up to 60°

Size / Weight:
Travelsheet 160x240cm / 520g
Luggage Protection 100x100cm / 65g
50% cotton / 50% polyester

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Incl. 19% Tax, excl. Shipping Cost

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PERMETEX® Travel Set S

Product Details

The PERMETEX®  Travel Sheet provides effective protection against bed bugs or mites in hotels, hostels or other accommodation. You can also use it as a shelter from ticks during an outdoor picnic. Or you can wrap yourself in the sheet and keep away the annoying mosquitoes and flies. PERMETEX® Travel Sheet is designed in the size of 160cm x 240cm for a single bed. The cotton portion makes the sheet pleasantly soft and breathable. The fabric is light, hard-wearing and quick-drying thanks to the synthetic fibre.

The PERMETEX® Luggage Protection can be flipped open as a rack for your luggage or locked as a suitcase inlay for your clothes. Place your suitcase or bag on the fold-out rack and avoid the infestation of your luggage by bedbugs. If you use the luggage protection as a suitcase inlay, you can protect your clothing from bedbugs or transport contaminated clothing safely. The suitcase inlay is also suitable as moth protection. The PERMETEX® Luggage Protection has a size of 100cm x 100cm when flipped open, and a size of 50cm x 100cm as a suitcase inlay. The high-quality zip is equipped with an auto-lock slider, which prevents the zip from opening automatically.

Our products are characterized by a unique manufacturing process in Europe. In this method, the insect repellent active ingredient permethrin is anchored directly into the fibre of the substance. The protective function of PERMETEX® products remains effective for the entire product lifetime - optimal protection for at least 100 wash cycles. The protection function is invisible and odourless. The material is equipped with permethrin (0.9% w/w). CAUTION: not suitable for cats! Cats do not have the enzyme necessary to degrade Permethrin. Find all information on application and maintenance in the FAQ section.

Would you like to use the  PERMETEX® Business Traveller Products in a difference size? We make our products according to your preferences and wishes.